CSGO coinflip gambling is a brand new way of earning. All those interested in this easy and truly worthy gambling are on the right page. Make yourself comfortable and keep reading.

CSGO coinflip is by far the simplest type of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting. Coinflip betting traces go back in history to ancient China, where first coins were made. The coins could have the image of the emperor’s head on one side and a ship on the other.

First, you choose a trustworthy CSGO coinflip website. If you’re 18+, you can start betting immediately. If not, the world of gambling is currently not for you.

So, when making a choice, you consider a few essential factors like legitimacy, generosity, customer service satisfaction, and transparent deposit withdrawal methods. To try your luck in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coinflip betting, you make a deposit, place a bet, and withdraw your winnings. Yes, in the majority of cases, the coinflip gambling is really that simple. As a rule, on a decent gambling service, the withdrawal process doesn’t take long.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Coinflip CSGO In Details

As you already know, coinflip betting was known long ago in history. Every one of us let the coin decide at least once in our lives. Last slice of pizza? Vacation destination? Just flip the coin and do what it says.

The simplicity and high chances to win make coinflip a favorite type of betting of all times. When gambling on coinflip, you have a 50/50 chance to hit the jackpot or lose it all. The mechanism of the game is simple, you make a bet with skins or any other currency you wish, and the computer will flip the coin. Should the coin land on the side you bet on, you win.

Why skins? Skins are equipable items that change the appearance of knives, gloves, and firearms in the game. It is important to mention that skins do not offer advantages to players, serving only for aesthetic purposes.

At the end of each round, the winner takes the pot. Remember that coinflip winning is purely random, and you can’t win all times. So don’t think you can make up any strategy, luck and intuition rule when gambling with coinflip.

Best CSGO Coinflip Gambling Websites

CSGO Empire

Strengths Of CSGO Empire

  • A fifty-cent bonus upon registering if enter the “top100list” referral code;
  • This is a legitimate service;
  • Easy to withdraw and deposit skins and BTC;
  • Match betting as far as CSGO casino are available;

Weaknesses Of CSGO Empire

  • The withdrawal process may take long sometimes.


Strengths Of CSGO Roll

  • Excellent website design with great animations;
  • Small house edge;
  • Fast & Instant withdraw;
  • Free sign-up bonus;
  • Daily free bonuses;
  • Only a $1 deposit to unlock withdraws;

Weaknesses Of CSGO Roll

  • Only English and Chinese versions of the site.


Strengths Of FarmSkins

  • Get $0.4 FREE with csgobookwtf code;
  • CSGO Roulette & Crash Games available;
  • A safe and legitimate website;
  • Skin betting available;
  • Superb design and easy-to-navigate interface;
  • A large selection of cases and plenty of items to choose from;

Weaknesses of FarmSkins

  • Live chat support isn’t always online.


Strengths Of CSGO Fast

  • An impressive number of games for any taste to bet on;
  • A wide selection of payment methods including VGO skins, G2A Pay and GameMoney;
  • One of the oldest and hence legitimate websites;
  • Free coins every day;

Weaknesses Of CSGO Fast

  • Customer support is a little slow. No 24/7 live chat;
  • Need to add more esports matches;
  • Used to have a shady reputation in the past.

Daddy Skins

Strengths Of Daddy Skins

  • Often makes improvements to their CSGO gambling platform;
  • Pretty design and easily navigated interface;
  • Get 7% extra on deposit with code case bet;
  • Conducts giveaways every day;

Weaknesses of Daddy Skins

  • Not easy to contact customer support;
  • The site is only available in 3 languages.

Reasons Why Players Love CSGO Coin Flip Game

It’s Fun And Fast-Paced

Coinflip doesn’t take much time and resources. Unlike CSGO Blackjack, you don’t have to elaborate strategies that will allow you to win. CSGO coinflip is random and fast. You place a bet and get the result within a few seconds. Thus, coinflip can be played everywhere when there’s a stable Internet connection.

CSGO Coinflip Is Easy To Learn How To Play

We’ve all known the mechanism of coinflip at a young age. Team statistics and facts like betting on CSGO tournaments are, on the contrary, unfamiliar to the majority of players. You can easily join the game without having to worry about a lack of experience and specific background.

You Don’t Have To Acquire Special Knowledge

A shout-out to a previous para. Are you aware of CSGO blackjack rules? If no, go on and do a search. If yes, how long did it take to learn them all? In no way, we discourage you from playing blackjack, though. The simplicity and availability bring success to coinflip gambling and a decent audience to CSGO coinflip sites.

Coinflip Is Based On Luck

It makes the coinflip game truly exciting for some and unbearable for others. It’s a matter of taste and patience; if you don’t want to gamble and feel a huge pressure of responsibility for taking a right or wrong step, welcome to coinflip.

csgo gameplay

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Play CSGO Coinflip?

CSGO coin flip is for everyone who’s reached the age of majority and is willing to rely on fate rather than on their own powers to win valuable skins. What about the country restrictions, we recommend getting acquainted with the rules of each raffle website separately.

How To Win In Coinflip CSGO?

Bad news. You can’t win Coinflip CSGO all the time. Of course, you will have some winning flips but also get prepared to lose some skins. Unlike the CSGO crash, where the fate of your skins depends on you, at CSGO coinflip, you only rely on luck.

How CSGO Coinflip Works?

CSGO coinflip is a fun and easy way of gambling. You wager, and the computer flips the coin. Unlike other CSGO betting games, playing CSGO coinflip guarantees you 50% chances to win.

How To Make Money On CSGO Coinflip?

Making money with CSGO coinflip is easy. First, you wager skins, play, and withdraw the winnings. Skins that you win during the game have no practical value during the game. However, for all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans skins symbolize prestige. Thus, they can be sold for vast sums of money.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites

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