It’s not news that poker is an extremely fun and interesting card game. It has different versions; people play it all over the world. Even though there are so many computers and mobile games now, poker will always be super popular.

Players at the casinos (real or online casinos) can enjoy such popular games like Draw or Stud Poker, or the most popular Texas Hold ’em poker card game. As you can see, there could be tons of different poker variations. Depending on the player’s preferences, new exciting versions appear all the time.

Do you know what might be even more popular than a standard poker card game like those mentioned above? A CSGO poker card game! CSGO poker card games are as simple as the original games. Instead of playing by using money, you are wagering CSGO skins. Depending on the CSGO poker sites you are using, there could be different options. The first one is when you bet a skin. The second option is when you deposit a skin and gain chips instead to wager.

The game mechanics is almost the same as in poker. It is easier to find legit CSGO poker sites since the game is popular. Skins are known for being good value even though not adding anything to actual CSGO heroes. For example, in some games, you get different pieces of equipment, like +1% to the defense of the heroes, or +10% to your basic ammunition, etc. CSGO skins only indicate the player’s prestigious status.

There are cheaper and expensive, the most valued skins. That’s exactly why skin betting is so popular. Some skins are so valuable that players sell them for thousands of dollars! Winning expensive skins is an indicator of great profit. Some CSGO skins even go higher in value over time, so it is similar to an investment. Selling a skin will grant you a huge revenue if you are selling a valuable, rare, or unique skin. Players play for such things since they make them outstanding, they stand out from the crowd.

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CSGO Poker: How To Play?

You might choose any variation of the CSGO poker game to play and enjoy. The rules will depend on which version you are currently using. For example, if you prefer the Texas poker, you can choose it, and the rules will be of Texas Hold ’em. If you choose a different game version, you have to understand the rules of that game. But the rules to register in a CSGO poker are pretty much the same. Here is what you need:

  • Select some of the best CSGO poker sites.
  • Create an account on this CSGO website.
  • Create an account on Steam if you still don’t have one.
  • Deposit currency (CSGO skins) by using the Steam account.
  • Your skins will be used as chips, or they will be converted to chips.
  • Choose the game you want to play.

The most important thing, in this case, is to choose really good CSGO poker sites. Not every betting website or online casino offer such options as betting with skins, not to mention playing poker. This method of playing poker is pretty popular within the members of the CSGO community, especially among members who love the game. So most CSGO poker sites offer this option as well as wagering skins while making bets on different CSGO teams.

You will find a list where you can play poker by wagering CSGO skins below. These servers are safe and easy to use. They also offer CSGO poker promo codes and other nice bonuses for bettors. This is why choosing a good website to play CSGO poker is so important. Some websites even offer to play poker by using cryptocurrency. You will also find other interesting and fun options to gamble. Like the original poker, slots, or even live dealer card games where you see a real dealer and compete with real gamblers, not with software.

Here are some advantages of playing CSGO card games:

  • You gain a chance to earn exclusive, extremely valuable, and rare skins.
  • Play a favorite game and earn useful skins to customize your CSGO heroes.
  • Compete in an interesting way while playing.
  • Get better rewards compared to simple wagering or playing card games.
  • Get rid of ordinary skins to win or purchase the most valuable CSGO skins.

If you compare playing original games with the CSGO type of card games, you can say that it is an attractive opportunity for CSGO enthusiasts. Those players who just enjoy poker don’t mind playing standard poker (or the variations of poker). But for those who love Counter-Strike, it will be extremely fun to use skins and bet them. CSGO players might wager skins they already have. Instead of selling them for a lower price, they get a chance to exchange skins while playing.

If these players are extremely good at playing card games, they can win astonishingly good rewards for more useful skins. And as you already know, some skins could be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. CSGO poker card games are a great way to have some fun and to get amazing revenue.

To sum up, start using the website by creating an account on an online casino site. Then make a deposit by using your Steam account. Just choose what skins you want to wager. Then start a poker game that lets you bet your amazing skins and test your luck!

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CSGO Poker Sites

Below you might find some amazing CSGO websites where you could play safely. All the mentioned servers are used easily. Here are these sites:

  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGOTune
  • FarmSkins
  • CSGOatse
  • WTFSkins
  • CSGOFast

The sites offer amazing bonuses and outstanding perks for beginners and professional players. And if you become a loyal member of one of these amazing sites, you get even cooler perks.


How To Play CSGO Poker?

It’s an easy task as long as you understand the rules of playing poker. If not, just check out the poker rules. To start playing CSGO poker, create an account on the chosen website. Then use your Steam account to make a deposit (choose skins you want to wager). Choose a version of a poker card game and start having fun!

How Does CSGO Poker Work?

There are different variations of the awesome game, but all of them have similar mechanics. One common thing for all those amazing versions is that you make a wager. So instead of making a wager with chips or real money, you make a wager by using your cool skins. If you win, you gain more valuable and uniques skins or money, depending on the type of game you are playing.

How To Get Coins CSGO Poker?

As it was mentioned, some amazing CSGO websites allow people to bet their skins without transforming them in coins (or chips like in poker), while other services offer to exchange skins in coins. If you are using the website where you exchange skins into coins, just make a deposit, and then you will see an option to transform skins in coins or chips.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites

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