About Thunderpick

A relatively new online operator in the scene, Thunderpick aims to provide its users with a new gambling experience, which makes placing wagers even more entertaining.

Thunderpick became popular as one of the best sites for pool betting, also known as pari-mutuel betting. In short, players don’t bet against the bookmaker, but against other punters instead. All bets on potential outcomes are placed in a pool. After betting has closed, the bookmaker takes its take and divides the spoils equally between the bettors of the winning outcome.

Being one of the few that supports pool betting, Thunderpick is your go-to if you’re interested in giving this gambling method a try. By using their website, you can bet on live events and watch a variety of games, including League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch. With them, it is also possible to bet on traditional sports and play fun casino games. As a licensed entity, they deliver a legal and safe betting environment.

Thunderpick Rating

Titles available ★★★★★
Odds ★★★☆☆
Esports markets ★★★★☆
Bonuses and promotions ★★★★☆
Customer service ★★★★★
Deposit and withdrawal options ★★★★★
Website interface ★★★★☆
Overall 4.2 / 5

Thunderpick Welcome Bonus And Other Promotions

The bookmaker has in store a nice welcome bonus for all newcomers, an offer of €500 or equivalent if you use the code “WELCOME”. If you’re not interested in this promotion, you can provide your email address so that they’ll let you know about some new Thunderpick bonuses available in the future, giveaways, and more.

These rewards and free perks will become more frequent as you use their service, in a system of ranks that we will explain in greater detail below. The more you bet, the higher your rank is, the more you’ll earn in terms of gift cards, giveaways, and more.

Thunderpick main page

Location And Age Restriction

Thunderpick is licensed by the Government of Curaçao. As such, Thunderpick has strict rules to follow. You cannot register if you are from one of these countries (all territories included): the USA, France, Kingdom of Netherlands, Belize, the UK, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and Malta.

About age restriction, gambling is only possible if you are over 18 years old, and in any case of legal betting age. If you want to register to Thunderpick, you’ll be asked to confirm this.

Esports To Bet On

Thunderpick esports titles are quite varied. Of course, the list includes the most popular, like Dota 2, CSGO, and League of Legends, but it is not limited to them. Call of Duty, Overwatch, Rocket League, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II markets are available as well. What’s interesting is that they also offer odds for new esports phenomena like Valorant and Fortnite. Considering that the first came out earlier in 2023 and that it is difficult to find a bookmaker for betting on the latter, this aspect is certainly very well-received.

Apart from esports, as we briefly mentioned below, with Thunderpick, you have the possibility to bet on traditional sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. In addition, the website also has several casino games available to all their customers, and new ones are regularly added.

Types Of Bets

About betting markets, Thunderpick offers a decent variety of them. These include the traditional ones like match and map winner, but a good gambling site should also have some more exciting ones. And Thunderpick makes us happy in such regard: although nothing incredibly exceptional, there are some more specific bet types available for the most popular titles with a greater range of possibilities.

Thunderpick create account

Special Features

We commented on parimutuel betting. To clarify more on this betting system: the basic rules for parimutuel betting are the same for esports: you select the team you predict as the winner and await the market closure. After the match is complete and your outcome is the winner, you are rewarded with your take. What makes parimutuel different from fixed betting odds is that these will shift up until the last moment the market closes, so ideally, you would like to place your bets when the market opens or little before it closes.

As anticipated before, something peculiar about Thunderpick is their rank system, developed to reward users according to their activity on the site. There are five tiers –Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Challenge– each of them divided into five divisions. You get promoted to a higher rank by collecting Rank Points, something you do by placing bets, playing games, and completing different tasks. Challengers are the 10 most active players on the Thunderpick site and change every 24 hours. The higher your rank, the more benefits you receive. These come in the form of giveaways, currently of four different types, and the site is looking to increase and implement more perks.

To conclude the section, we have to mention the live streaming service Thunderpick provides, which enables you to place bets while spectating the games as they are happening. Bets are open from the beginning of the match until its conclusion; therefore, odds will constantly change depending on how the match is going but will, of course, be fixed after you place your bet.

Payment Methods

Thundepick is perfect in terms of deposit and withdrawal options, surprisingly offering the same if not more compared to its bigger competitors. Pretty much everything you can think of, they have it covered. If you are not in the mood for thinking too much, we have it covered for you!

The list is long, and it includes credit and debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, WeChatPay, Alipay, and cryptocurrency –Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. PayPal is not supported; however, if you would like to bet using items, you can do so by depositing CSGO skins.

Thunderpick also has a specific virtual currency, Thundercoins, to use on their website. It can be exchanged for either real money or cryptocurrency, and €1 is equivalent to 100 Thundercoins.

Thunderpick bonus

Privacy And Security

Thunderpick is licensed by the Government of Curaçao, which assures its users with a safe and reliable experience. Therefore there are no reasons to worry, as both your data and your money are secure. Anyways, always read carefully their Privacy Policy as well as their Terms and Conditions, and if you have any questions or doubt regarding your privacy and your data’s safety, you can always contact them, which brings us to the following section.

Customer Support

To know if Thunderpick is really a good bookmaker, we had to go through the last test: their customer support service. And, to be honest, this is, in our opinion, one of Thunderpick’s best assets.

First of all, as soon as you visit their website, you are greeted by a friendly message which announces the customer support team’s full availability to answer any inquiry you might have, something that immediately reassures the potential customer. They don’t provide any phone number, but the live chat is available 24/7, and they have an email address. Thunderpick is also very active on social media, and their website has a dedicated and detailed FAQ section.

In general, their customer support service is top-notch and praised by users, as well as by us, as we tried it ourselves to write our review.


Thunderpick surprised us with the reliable betting experience they provide. The pool betting system is something relatively new in the scene and definitely something worth trying. Thunderpick odds are pretty competitive, and the titles available are many. The Curaçao license reassures punters, and the customer support is the cherry on top.

The Thunderpick bonus is interesting, and you have the possibility to spend it on either esports or traditional sports, as well as to try your luck in fun casino games while having at your disposal a wide range of payment methods as well as the possibility to deposit skins. Thunderpick betting is overall a great experience, able to compete with major bookmakers in certain aspects.

Thunderpick testimonial


How Does Thunderpick Work?

Thunderpick is a betting site, and, as such, you have to sign up first before starting to place your bets. Don’t worry; Thunderpick’s registration process is very simple. Go to thunderpick.com and find the option to sign up on the top right corner. You can either create a new account or sign up with a social account such as Twitch, Steam, or Google. An email will be sent at the address you provided, and by clicking on the link, you received you can start depositing some money using the payment methods available. And that’s it! Select a bet, place it, and wait for your win.

Is Thunderpick Safe?

Yes, the betting site is licensed by the Government of Curaçao, which guarantees that Thunderpick is a legal operator. No worries, your money and data are safe.

Is There A Thunderpick App?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, the Thunderpick betting site is very intuitive on both PC and mobile version, and, most importantly, they have a web app, compatible with the most popular browsers and available to everyone. Just visit their website and click on the three dots at the top right corner to use it.

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