Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a fun and intriguing shooter game. It is one of the best esports games in the world and attracts hundreds of thousands of players. Players enjoy playing the fun game. However, despite the thrills you get from playing, there are times when you may not feel the vibe of a particular game and just want to quit.

This may be due to a lack of team play or coordination between you and your teammates. It could also be that one of your teammates keeps ruining the fun for everyone, or an egoistic player taking all the spotlight. Sometimes, it can just result from feeling a game is so bad that you can’t salvage it.

Whatever the case is, cases may arise that will force you to quit a game. However, there are some consequences of this action. These consequences depend on the kind of match you are playing. Now, there are different ways to CSGO kick yourself out. You can initiate a vote to get yourself kicked out of the game. If your teammates vote to have you kicked out, there won’t be any problem for you. There are still things you need to consider before doing this. Delve into the details in the next sections.

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How to Vote to Kick Yourself in CSGO

If you want to kick yourself out of an ongoing game in CSGO, you must be familiar with the developer console. You don’t have to memorize all the console commands. You just need two commands to launch the developer console. You will need to press the tilde (~) button to do this. If you do that and nothing happens, then follow these steps:

  • Open Settings and go to Game Settings.
  • Enable Developer Console by selecting Yes beside it.
  • Press the ~ button in the game again.

With the Developer Console, you can fine-tune several settings in the game to suit your convenience. CSGO has a lot of commands, but to kick yourself out of the game, you will need the following:

  • Status: Enter the word into the develop console and tap Enter. It brings some complicated information to the screen. You don’t have to worry about these. Just look for your nickname and copy the numbers before it.
  • After the step above, you type this command, callvote kick [numbers you just copied]. The command activates the vote kick while the numbers indicate the player you are proposing to kick out of the game, which in this case is you. Make sure you copy the numbers correctly.
  • After you enter the callvote command, the votekick will appear on your teammates’ screens. They will then decide on kicking you out or not.

Now, the thing about this CSGO command to kick yourself out of a game is that you are unsure about its outcome. For one, your teammates may reject your proposal. If they do, it may be that they value your presence in the game and feel losing you will cost them significantly. Whatever happens, you have to accept the voting result with a positive mindset.

Consequences of Kicking Yourself Out in CSGO

You may be wondering what happens if you get kicked in CSGO. A quick answer to that is that you exit the game. However, in competitive games, the stakes are higher when you quit. Thus, it is advisable to endure until the game is over, even if one of your teammates is causing you to lose the game. Yes, you risk losing your rank if you lose the game, but such things happen in CSGO. If you decide to quit the game, you risk getting banned from playing.

Suggesting a vote to kick yourself out of the game is one way to go around it. This is because you won’t have to finish the game and won’t lose your ranking. However, getting kicked out a couple of times can lead you to get a ban. Valve calls this ban a “cooldown.” It prevents you from participating in competitive matchmaking games. There are different cooldown levels in CSGO. These levels increase the more you quit a game. The levels are:

Level 1 cooldown – You are banned for 30 minutes.

Level 2 cooldown – You are banned for 2 hours.

Level 3 cooldown – The ban lasts for 24 hours.

Level 4 cooldown – It lasts for a week.

For now, there is no known way how you can kick yourself out of a game in CSGO without risking a ban. Therefore, you need to consider this when deciding if you should quit a game.

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How to Kick Someone in CS GO

Besides kicking yourself out, you can also kick people in CSGO. This can be the case when a particular teammate is bringing others down in the game and deserves to be shown the exit. It could also be that one of your teammates is not in the mood to play anymore and does not know how to kick himself out. Whatever is the case, here is a process to follow if you want to know how to kick people in CSGO:

  • Press the Caps Lock button, which activates the vote. You can also press ESC, after which you choose the Call Vote button, followed by pressing Kick Player.
  • Select the player you wish to kick from the menu.
  • Your other teammates will see the vote on their screens and can vote by using their F1 or F2 buttons.

This is a more straightforward process than kicking yourself out, and you may be wondering why you can’t kick yourself out the same way. The reason is that if you follow this method, you won’t see your name in the menu in the second step.

You have reached the end of this article. You are now filled with so much knowledge regarding how to kick yourself in CSGO. However, exercise this power with accuracy. Don’t quit the game anyhow, except the situation is too critical, and there is nothing you can do but leave. You play CSGO to have fun, so try your best every time you play rather than chickening out of every bad situation.

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