In this article, you will discover every information that you will need to know about At the end of this review, you will get to decide if it is a trusted site for betting. You will also know about the games on offer, special features, bonuses, payment and withdrawal options, security features, and much more.

Overall Rating 4.1/5:

  • Customer Care – 4
  • Bonuses – 3.5
  • Security and Privacy – 5
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options – 4
  • Games Offered – 4

The website offers some of the best case of opening games. There is a deposit bonus for every user who uses a unique DaddySkins code when making payments, as well as daily bonuses. The site is highly secure and fair in all its dealings. There are several deposit options, while withdrawals are via Skins or Ethereum.

DaddySkins main page

About is a website that is predominantly a case opening site for virtual items including CSGO skins. DaddySkins began operations in January 2017. Since then, the platform has played host to an active community of case-opening enthusiasts. Aside from the case opening, there are other games to be enjoyed on the website, including Arenas, Jackpot, Upgrade, Exchange, and Contracts. The payment and withdrawal options on the site are varied. Becoming a member of this gaming community is easy. When you do, you receive some mouth-watering bonuses to welcome you into a world of skin gambling paradise.

DaddySkins Promo Code And Bonuses

This case-opening site gives players the chance to win a 5% deposit bonus each time they make deposits using a unique DaddySkins promo code. To enjoy this bonus, you click on the deposit icon and find promo code. Enter the unique code that you have and get a 5% bonus on your deposit. The site also runs a Partner (Revenue Share) program that rewards users who refer new users to the website using their unique DaddySkins code. The site also offers users daily bonuses and free cases to its members at regular intervals.

Special Features has a simple and easy to use interface. All features on the site are accessed from a single screen. The site’s design is great and done in such a way to meet the demands of every player. The site is also compatible for use on mobile phones, though there is no DaddySkins app. DaddySkins is one of the first websites in the betting industry to adopt the Provably Fair system, which checks the authenticity of every game played on the site. The site also has some of the coolest CSGO skin games on offer. However, its main feature is case opening.

DaddySkins arenas

Games Offered

The games offered on DaddySkins betting site include:

  • Case Opening: This classic case opening game is DaddySkins’s trademark. Many players throng to the site daily to try their luck at winning valuable skins via case opening. The CSGO cases prove to be the most sought after by players and range in price from hundreds of dollars to a few cents. VGO cases are also popular. Game cases are great features within the case opening gaming category of DaddySkins site. The cases are arranged into categories so that players play games of their choice.
  • Upgrade: The Upgrade is another great game feature on the website. Here, players get the chance to swap their lower value skins with those of higher value. If you win the game, you get to choose a certain skin you want to trade your low-value skin with. The odds of the game depends on the difference in value between the skins. The higher the difference in value, the higher the odds.
  • Contracts: With Trade-Up contracts, players get the chance to exchange two or more skins of low value with skins of higher value. DaddySkins’s system randomly selects the skin that you win based on a specified price range.
  • Exchange: This is a game that is easy to understand and play. In this game type, a player exchanges one or more skins in their inventory that they do not like with one or more skins on the platform that are close in value. The game has no risks involved.
  • Jackpot: This is another popular feature on the DaddySkins site. The jackpot is somewhat a bonus feature, giving players the chance to win money for every case opened. Whenever players open cases, a percentage of the value of each one opened goes into a jackpot. Also, every case opened rolls a number. If a player opens a case and the number rolled lands on 77777, the player wins the jackpot. The size of the pot is dependent on the value of the case opened.
  • Arenas: Arenas on this platform is similar to Battle Case-Opening that can be found on some other platforms. It involves two or more players who open cases simultaneously. Any of the competing players that get the highest total drop value wins skins from the rest of the players. To partake in this game, you either create an Arena or join a created one.

Location And Age Restrictions

This website is open to users from most countries but is restricted to players below the age of 18.

Betting Options

Players can bet on any of the games available on the website. The odds depend on each game and are comparable to the odds available in other case opening sites.

DaddySkins Registration

Signing up on the website is easy. You only need to provide information such as your name, email address, and password. You can also sign up using your Steam, Google, or social media accounts. After signing up, you have to deposit to be able to play.

DaddySkins registration

Deposit Methods

The payment methods supported on the website include:

  • G2A Payment system, which allows you to pay using your Credit Cards, BTC wallet, Skrill, and many more methods supported by G2A Pay.
  • Deposits can also be made using gift cards. DaddySkins distributes these cards through marketplaces such as Players can buy these cards for attractive prices. The cards are then easily deposited on the platform.

Withdrawal Methods

Players on the website can withdraw their skins using different methods based on the skins. You can withdraw VGO skins using OPSkins. For CSGO skins, you have to cash-out the monetary equivalent of the skins in Ethereum. After this, you visit to purchase skins of your choice. This method is a common practice in many case-opening websites and is a way to work around the Valve trade ban.

Is DaddySkins Good, Safe, And Secure?

Based on many previous DaddySkins reviews and the fact that the site has been operating for three years, it is confirmed that it is a safe and secure site. This DaddySkins review understands that the website plays host to an active community of players, and has provably fair case openings and games. It is run on a secure SSL-encrypted connection, meaning that the privacy and data of users are safe and secure. Withdrawals on the site are fast and always available.

Customer Support

The site has a Frequently Answered Questions page that has answers to most questions that players may have. However, if a response to a question that you have is not available, you can contact the customer support by opening a support ticket at They usually reply as soon as possible. Though there is no live chat feature, the website is planning to launch a 24/7 support soon.


  • The deposit and withdrawal times are fast
  • Users enjoy daily bonus
  • There is a jackpot bonus system
  • Presence of Provably fair system
  • Supports CSGO and VGO skins withdrawals
  • Supports cryptocurrency


  • No Live customer support chat feature
  • It takes longer to find players on Arena games
  • There is no welcome bonus


For a case opening site that has only been around for three years, DaddySkins has done quite well and is regarded as a leading betting site. It has a wide selection of case opening games with a reasonable price range. The site is secure and trusted, with all the games operating under a provably fair system. The website needs to improve on its customer support, Arena games and also introduce a welcome bonus. Regardless, it is a highly recommended CSGO case opening site and one of the best around.

DaddySkins gift cards


Who Can Play On

Only players above 18 and from countries where the site is not restricted can gamble on the site.

What Is DaddySkins?

It is a betting website dedicated to the case opening. It gives players the gaming experience of a lifetime, allowing them to have fun while making a profit.

Is DaddySkins Legit?

Yes, the website is registered, and you can rest assured the administration does its best to protect your privacy.

What Games Are Available On The Platform?

The games on the platform include Arenas, Case Opening, Upgrade, Exchange, and Trade-Up Contracts. There is also a jackpot feature that rewards lucky players regularly.

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