Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is one of the most popular esports games globally and boasts hundreds of thousands of players. Players love this shooter game for many reasons, and one of those reasons is its flexibility. It allows players to customize it in several ways.

Customizing the game can help you attain progress and enjoy it more. It will also make you comfortable, especially during shootouts. This feeling of comfort also means you will find it easier to apply your skills.

There are some advanced methods by which players can customize CSGO, and one of these methods is via CSGO scripts. In this article, you will learn more about CSGO scripts and how to use them in the game.

useful csgo scripts

What are CSGO Scripts, and How Do You Use Them?

Counter strike scripts are not entirely different from usual console commands. Many people fear that they need to be programmers to create or use scripts. However, this is not the case. Scripts are commands that are in a logical sequence. They are console commands that you combine for a particular purpose.

You may be wondering how you can use these scripts in the game. To do that, you have to save the commands from the scripts into your .cfg file. You can do that by using special autoexec.cfg, which has a higher priority over config.cfg, which is the default. You can also delete autoexec and use default settings.

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can adjust the CSGO config file:

  • Look for the config.cfg file in the directory, Program Files\Steam\userdata[your Steam ID]\730\local\cfg\config.cfg. In some cases, you can use the directory, Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-StrikeGlobalOffensive\csgo\cfg\config.cfg).
  • When you find the file, open it using Notepad++
  • Paste your CSGO scripts and save the file into the same folder. However, save it with the name autoexec.cfg.

In the case that autoexec.cfg fails to work, attempt to command the game to do so by using +exec autoexec. Paste the command into Launch Options. That is not the only thing you can use the command to do, as you can use it to execute other .cfg files. All you have to do is add the file name after +exec, which is the main command. Also, remember that you have to put this file into the folder containing the default config.cfg.

If you want to add launch options, you do so by:

  • Right-clicking Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in your Steam Library
  • Open Properties, then click on Set Launch Options.

Remember to save your current configurations. Do so by:

  • Entering the command, host_writeconfig [file name] into the developer console. Add any name you prefer. The name must be without spaces. The file is saved into the directory with the main config.cfg. If you want to use your configurations in future games, you do so by entering the execution command +exec [file name] into Launch Options.

Should I Create a Script or Use Pre-made AHK CSGO Scripts?

If you search the internet, you will find many CS:GO Scripts there. However, despite the abundance of these pre-made scripts, not all of them are suitable for a particular situation you may find yourself in. You may decide to copy these premade codes and paste them to see their effects on your game. This may be a smart move but is not always practical.

A better way is to find out what you really need in the game. You then look for ways to make it possible. You can check out some examples of simple scripts, go through their descriptions attentively, and combine them to make one CSGO script that will suit you perfectly. This process takes time and will require dedication. However, it is much better and effective than just using CSGO autohotkey scripts you see without understanding their usefulness.

It can be a complicated task to create your own scripts, but with dedication and continuous practice, you will be able to do it effortlessly.

How to Bind Words in CSGO

If you want to activate a command or chain of commands by tapping just one keypad button, you can do so by using scripts for binding. The basics of binding words in CSGO follows this pattern below, which shows how the CSGO bind script and CSGO buy script combine to make things easier:

  • bind [key] [command]: Giving an example, if you input the developer console bind F4 buy rifle, you will be able to buy a rifle by pressing the F4 key once.

It is unnecessary to use quotes if the in-game command contains only one word.

Binding can be used to bind different grenades to different keys. During gameplay, players usually press 4 or use the mouse wheel to hop between Smoke, Molotov, flashbang, Decoy, and HE. If you are the type of player who buys multiple grenades, you can bind these grenades to several keys of your choice. Hence, you will not experience any delay, especially during intense battles. The only challenge with binding is that you may need some time to become used to the new keys. However, that should not be hard to do since you chose them.

If you want to bind a few commands to a key, you should do this:

  • bind [key] [“command; command; command”]

If, for example, you input bind f “useweapon_c4;drop” when you press the f button, your game character will switch his weapon to a C4 bomb and drop it immediately. Counter strike scripts like these help speed up the activation of command sequences. Hence, it may lead to a good effect on your game’s outcome.

Sometimes, you may become confused about the keys bound to specific commands. If you want to find out the keys already bound to particular commands, you should use the command sequence:

  • Key_findbinding [command]- input it into the developer console and add any command name.

Finding Needed Commands

If you want to get the maximum benefits from using Counter-Strike scripts, you need to know the various commands and their actions during gameplay. Here are some commands that can help in that regard:

  • Find [a keyword]- inputting this command in the developer console enables you to see every command linked to that keyword.
  • Help [command]- This is used to get information about a specific command.

Scripts for Renaming Your Commands

Sometimes, it helps give a CS:GO console command or few other commands a custom name. To do this, you need the CSGO alias command, which you can create by doing this:

  • Alias [name] [command]

If you purchase various items, you can make a list of all your purchases and give it a name of your choice. You can then bind the custom command to a key and change the key any time you wish. For example, alias guns “buy weapon_deagle; buy weapon_m4al_silencer; buy weapon_molotov; buy weapon_hegrenade.” To bind all the purchases to button 5, you input bind 5 guns.

Delayed Action Scripts

If you want to delay a command’s activation, there is a unique command for that purpose. Official servers may disable this command, but you can activate by inputting:

  • Wait [a number of ticks]- This command is called the pause command.

For example, the command, bind F4 “use weapon_ak47; wait 36; +attack; -attack,” binds the following instructions to key F4: give your character AK 47; character waits for 36 ticks and starts shooting, shoot for 36 ticks, and then stop shooting.

You should note that the addition of + and – to some commands activates or deactivates them respectively.

A Button for Two Values of a Command

You can create a counter strike script that binds a command with two values to a button by using the command sequence:

  • bindtoggle [command] [value 1 and value 2]

As an example, you can use this command to enable and disable the FPS display to a button on your keyboard by inputting, bindtoggle F5 cl_showfps10.

Counterstrike screenshot

Counter-Strike Scripts and the VAC Ban

When adding anything to CSGO, you must be careful. More care should be taken when the tool you are adding to the game will enhance your gameplay. By being careful, you are ensuring that whatever it is you are adding is not a software for cheating. Cheating in any form is dangerous in CSGO circles. Besides ruining your gaming experience, it can also lead you to getting a permanent VAC ban.

CSGO scripts are entirely legal and will not lead to any problems for you. This is because the game’s creators, Valve, permits all the commands used. Hence, the shooter game’s servers will not block any of the commands you input.

However, there are some unknown scripts on the internet. It is not always advisable to apply these scripts except you clearly understand their functions. It is always best to use default settings or scripts you created yourself than activating unknown codes you picked up online.


Practice makes perfect. Though it takes time to master them, CS:GO scripts helps in enhancing your game. Understand why you need them and master them. Who knows? One day, you will reach esteemed heights in the game.

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