Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a legendary game. You can hardly find a person who’s got no clue what it looks like. The reasons for such popularity are endless, and it’s no mystery that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive confidently holds leadership in the most popular esports list. People gamble on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and the dice game is what simplifies the betting process.

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CSGO Dice Sites List

CSGO Empire

Deposit methods and withdrawals: skins, Bitcoin, money deposits with G2A Pay.

CSGO Empire betting website offers transparent and safe wagering on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. By registration, every new user earns free $0.5 if they enter the referral code and a free gift case. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Empire was launched in 2016 owned and operated by Ultimate Dynasty Limited, which is registered and based in Seychelles.


Deposit methods and withdrawals: skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Roll is a gambling website where users can play various CSGO games to win skins. Skins can be later exchanged for coins that can be used to wager on other CSGORoll games (Coinflip, Roulette, or Crash). CSGO Roll is a reputable raffle website that operates according to all law regulations. With its 5-year experience, you’re guaranteed to have only fair betting time.

Farm Skins

Deposit methods and withdrawals: skins

It’s not very different from other CSGO casinos, but still, there’s one thing that distinguishes Farm Skins from other gambling sites. It’s a case-opening platform with $1 free for newly registered customers. The site is known for accepting cryptocurrency and offering regular promotions and codes.

Thunder Pick

Deposit methods and withdrawals: skins, coins

Thunder pick has a wide range of spheres to bet on, and that’s why the site is so loved among the audience. Thunder pick is all about exciting esports betting, crash & roulette games, blackjack games, great payment options, and a 5% deposit bonus for the newbies. Try the site out to join the community of safe gambling and fair deals.

The Start Of CSGO Dice Game

The dice game is popular for its simplicity and excitement. A gamer makes a bet, throws the dice, and, depending on the result, either wins or loses—no strange reason why dice have spread upon Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lovers. Today most CSGO gambling sites have this type of game. Customers like it and not only because of the simplicity but because this is an awesome chance to double their CSGO inventory in one CSGO dice roll. However, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dice is not always about mind-blowing success, but about the risk to lose it all. Don’t let the excitement infatuate you. Gamble wisely.

So the point of CSGO dice betting is pretty simple. There are two major ways of how you can bet with CSGO dice – low(1-3)-high (4-5) or guess the accurate numbers that will drop out. The permutations are numerous, you know. Every time you win, your bet is multiplied on the coefficient ( f.e 1×1.8 where 1 is your bet and 1.8 is the coefficient). As usual, the low-high game has lower coefficients.

The Secret Of CSGO Dice Strategy

The secret of CSGo dice strategy is that there’s no secret. When investing your resources (no matter cash, cryptocurrency, or skins), you surely don’t want to waste them. In this case, you may start learning more about the strategy of the game and looking for hidden ways to beat the system. Unfortunately, you can’t always win when playing CSGO dice. The result of every round is purely random. Thus, luckily or not, everything in the game depends on your ability to predict and the grace of fate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s CSGO Dice?

CSGO dice is a type of CSGO gambling game where bettors can wager and win some precious CSGO items. As a rule, you are offered to play the low-high dice game. As usual, the majority of the sites offer to bet and withdraw skins. In some cases, skins can be replaced on coins.

How To Win CSGO Dice?

There is no CSGO dice strategy to win the game. To earn the income from CSGO dice, you should only be a lucky one. The results of each roll are absolutely unpredictable, and hence it makes the game itself very exciting.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites

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