Many CSGO gambling sites exist on the internet today, but is one of the best among them. The website has a wide variety of game offerings and gives users loads of rewards and options to choose from. This is why it is the choice for many CSGO and skin-bet lovers.

Overall Rating 4.1/5

Gamdom is rated based on the following:

  • Games Offered – 3.5
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options – 4
  • Customer Support – 4
  • Security – 5

There are only five gaming options available in this betting site, and they include Jackpot, Roulette, HiLo, Trade Up, and Crash. This can be improved upon. Making deposits and withdrawals on this platform is easy to do and is made possible through various means.

There is dedicated customer support available to respond to issues that players on the site may have. They can be reached via email. Gamdom is a safe and trusted platform to make your wagers and play your favorite games without the risk of being scammed or cheated.


Gamdom is an online CSGO skin betting site where gamblers can play their favorite games and win skins with their successful wagers. The website has been live since 2016 and, since its inception, has become one of the leading CSGO gambling sites around. The site is easy to navigate. To become a player, you have to register, after which you make a deposit into your account and bet on your favorite games. The deposits that you make are converted to skins or coins which you use to bet. Customers also get to enjoy bonuses and rewards that can be earned through several means.

Gamdom main page

Bonuses, Referral Codes And Promotions

CSGO betting sites offer their customers lots of bonuses and rewards, and the same can be said about Gamdom. Customers are given a variety of rewards and bonuses, including:

  • Referral Bonus: A new user can access free coins by inputting a Gamdom promo code after they sign up. Old users also get rewarded when they refer new users to the website with unique Gamdom codes. There is also a welcome bonus for new users after they make their initial deposits. There are also daily bonuses to catch up on.
  • Rainbot: This is a unique offering on the website and occurs randomly. Wealthier gamblers on the platform and some of the site owners periodically put money into a pot. This money is then given to all the users present in the chat lobby. A player can have access to the pot by activating the bonus feature when they click on the Rainbot message when it appears. The message usually appears for about a minute. If a player manages to click the message before its disappearance, that player gets a share of the pot.
  • Crashpot: This bonus is available for CSGO Crash players. The website usually offers an amount of profit made after each round of the game to the players by placing it into a jackpot. Each participating player has a percentage of a chance to win the jackpot. When the jackpot is won, Gamdom then divides the coins among the rest of the players.
  • Roulette Bonus: It is a bonus that is activated between 1 and 100 roulette spins. The bonus enables the doubling of all payouts. The bonus rewards roulette players that make high wagers and are rare among other betting sites.
  • Name Promotion: Customers that have steam accounts benefit from this bonus by placing in their steam usernames. The website then rewards them with amazing bonuses and prizes such as 2x Daily Bonus, 50% more from Rainbot, and a chance to increase their level and future deposits.

Other bonuses available include the Chest of Gems, Cashback bonus, and Profit Bonus. Players that follow Gamdom on social media also reap amazing bonus rewards.

Special Features

The website is easy to navigate and is well designed. Every part of the site is easily accessible. If you have played casino or live casino, then you will have no issues with the website. The graphics and aesthetics are also of the highest quality. However, there is no Gamdom app. Some other unique features include a chat feature that enables players to interact with one another. There is also a live game feature that allows players to wager on games that are in progress.

Games Offered

There are five games offered on Gamdom. These are Crash, Jackpot, Roulette, Hi-Lo, and TradeUp. The site also offers loads of Casino and Slot games that can be played using Gamdom coins, VGO Skins, cryptocurrencies, or CSGO skins.

Location And Restriction

Like all other gambling sites, Gamdom is restricted to anyone below the age of 18, which is the age limit for betting according to gambling rules. The betting site is also restricted in some countries, including Iran, Iraq, Jordan, the United States of America, Jordan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Betting Options

There are a wide variety of betting markets available that are dependent on the game being played. The betting markets and odds on Gamdom are comparable to that of other CSGO gambling sites and do not differ by much.

Gamdom Registration

To sign up for the site, you need to click on the signup link, which leads to a registration page. Input your name, password, and email address, and tick the required box certifying that you are 18+. After registration, you can make your first deposit and claim your first rewards. A new user can also sign up via their steam, Facebook, or Google accounts.

Deposit Methods

Users of the website are spoiled for choice when it comes to making deposits. There are four different steam deposit methods. These are Rust, Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, and Dota2. A user using Rust or Team Fortress 2 can pick the items they wish to deposit, after which they receive a trade offer. After accepting the trade offer, the deposit is completed. Users using CS:GO, and Dota2 would have to trade directly with other players through a P2P system.

Deposits can also be made through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other deposit methods include Kinguin, Game Money, Payop, Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and Qiwi.

Payments And Withdrawal Methods

Players can make withdrawals using any of the deposit methods listed above.

Gamdom registration

Is Gamdom Legit?

One question asked by many betting enthusiasts in Gamdom reviews is about the safety and trustworthiness of the website. This Gamdom review sees the website as a legitimate and safe platform for gamblers to bet on their favorite CSGO games. Aside from being in operation since 2016, it has a large customer base, and there are very few complaints from them.

The website is also safe and secure from scammers as it is run on a secure SSL-encrypted connection. All the games on the website are verified by a fair system that is provable. You can check the fairness of any game by looking at the game up in a separate server by its unique SHA256 hash. Hence Gamdom cannot interfere with in-game results in any way.

Customer Support

The customer support on Gamdom can be reached via email. They are always eager to listen to and solve any issues that customers may have. There are also loads of Frequently Asked Questions on the website that have answers to questions users may have.


  • A wide variety of payment and withdrawal methods are available on the site for customers to make use of. Payments and withdrawals are also completed quickly.
  • Players can play casino games, which are not usually available on most betting services that accept skins.
  • Many bonuses and rewards are available for customers on the betting site as well for players that follow Gamdom on their social media platforms.


  • The customer support is only available via email. More options need to be created to reach them.
  • The requirements for users to make withdrawals are on the high side. To withdraw, you must have deposited 1000 coins and bet with 20% of the deposit amount before being eligible to withdraw. When compared to the withdrawal requirements of other skin betting sites, it is on the high side.
  • Few game offerings on the site.


For a betting site that’s 3 years-old, Gamdom has done very well for itself and is one of the most highly rated CSGO gambling sites in existence today. The site has a lot going for it, with its a high number of bonuses and rewards, casino and slot games offerings, and great customer support. It represents an excellent platform for players to wager on their favorite CSGO, casino, and slot games. Give it a try and reap the amazing benefits that follow. csgo


Is Gamdom Legal?

Yes, it is licensed and has been in operation for three years. It has a large community of gamblers and is a trusted site to wager on your favorite games.

How Are Skins Priced On The Gamdom Site?

The prices of skins are dependent on the SteamAnalyst API price averages, or OP skins recommended prices.

What Is The Value Of Gamdom Coins?

One skin dollar equals 1500 Gamdom coins. The coins have no real currency value but are means by which players withdraw skins from the marketplace on the site.

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