In this DatDrop review, you will learn more about DatDrop, which is one of the world’s topmost case-opening sites for CSGO skins and loads of other virtual items. You will get to know about the site’s features, deposit and withdrawal systems, promo codes, referrals and bonuses, pros and cons, and many more.

Overall Rating 4.3/5

  • Case-Opening Selections – 4.5
  • Customer Support – 4
  • Payments and Withdrawals – 4.5
  • Privacy and Security – 4.5
  • Bonuses and Promos – 4

DatDrop site offers its users a wide range of case-opening selections with items of high value in each case. The cases range in price from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Whichever one you choose, you stand to gain a valued item.

The customer service on the DatDrop betting site is one that is readily available to answer users’ complaints. Making payments and withdrawals is very easy on the platform with a wide range of options in that regard. You can open cases on the website with the assurance that your privacy and data are kept safe at all times.

The platform is also trustworthy and does not interfere with the outcome of results. The bonuses and promos present on  DatDrop are fantastic, with players always being rewarded for being active on the platform. csgo

About has been in operation since 2017 and already boasts of an active community of game players. The site hosts over five hundred thousand visitors monthly, which is very impressive for a new CSGO case-opening site. The website has a lot of things going for it, from its unique features to its fast payment and withdrawal options. It is no wonder why many case-opening enthusiasts throng to the site daily.

The site is predominantly for this purpose and has no other game on its platform. However, it offers a great variety of cases that range in cost from high to low. Accessing the site requires users to sign up via their Steam accounts, deposit, and then begin to play.

Bonus, Referral Codes And Promotions

You are given a deposit bonus on the website every time that you make deposits and input a DatDrop promo code. The beauty of the DatDrop code is that it qualifies you for a 5% bonus up to $100 per day each time you use it. To use the code, you will have to click on the “+” sign that is next to your username and select the tab that reads “Use Promo Code.” Enter the referral code that you have, and you will win the 5% bonus.

DatDrop also offers you a free case when you begin playing on the site. The free case you get depends on your profile level. A deposit of $3 qualifies you for your first freebie. To get an increased level, you will need an extra $25, which qualifies you to a new level until level 5. For each new level you get to, you get a free case of better value than the last level.

One thing to note, however, is that your level decreases every day by $5. For example, a deposit of $100 takes you to level 5. If you do not make any further deposit, after five days, your level would be level 4, with a level balance of $75. This does not mean that you have lost $25; it is only a reflection of your profile level. Hence to continue increasing in level, you will need to continue making deposits.

The site also gives users loads of giveaways periodically. These giveaways come hourly, daily, and weekly. For you to reap the benefits of the reward, you will have to make deposits into your account. An hourly deposit of $5 qualifies you for the hourly deposit, $10 for the daily, and $20 for the weekly. The hourly giveaway rewards you with an item worth $10, while the daily giveaway is worth $80. The weekly giveaway is worth at least $140.

Special Features

Being predominantly a case-opening site, offers this as its major service, but also added two other varieties of the game, as you will find out soon. The Free case feature explained earlier is one that players love so much about, and have spoken positively of in DatDrop reviews.

Another cool feature available on DatDrop is the Live Drop feature, which allows you to see what other players are pulling from the cases. The site is also easy to navigate. Whether you are new to case-opening sites or are a pro, finding your way around the site is easy. There is no DatDrop app, but the site is optimized for mobile use. features

Games Offered

There are three game varieties available on the website, with Case Upgrades and Case Battles added to the case-opening game.

  • Cases: This is the classic game offered in case-opening sites. Here, you use the funds available to you to open and get a random skin. There are different varieties of cases available on the site, with each case holding items of significant value. For each case, there are analytic odds per item, meaning that you know what exactly it is that you are betting on.
  • Case Upgrade: This game type is popular among players. It gives you the chance to select an item from your inventory and replace that item with one that you wish to upgrade to. If you like the odds of getting the upgrade skin, you bet on it. If you are lucky, the new skin is yours. It is a game that is recommended for players that are in search of a specific item.
  • Case Battles: It is a feature that is unique to Datdrop. Case Battles is a multiplayer version for case-opening, where the winner takes everything. If you want to be part of the game, then you have to create a battle or join a created battle. To create a battle, you choose a variety of cases from 1 to 10. You pay the amount required to open all the cases and invite your friend, friends, or other random people to join the battle. When the game gets filled, everyone begins to open.
    Whoever opens the highest total value of cases wins the game. However, the winner does not only win the items in the cases he opened, but also earns all the items of other players. Losers, on the other hand, get free skins worth $0.03.

Apart from case-opening, the site does not offer any other games on its platform. However, there are links to other games like BlackJack, Coin flip, Gems, and Jackpot games.

Location And Age Restriction

While is available in many countries and regions, it is restricted to those below the age of 18.

Betting Options

Players can bet on the Case Opening, Case Upgrade, and Case Battle game varieties. The game odds are much better than those found in some other case-opening services.

DatDrop Registration

To sign up, you will need to have a Steam account as you can only log in to your account through that means.

Deposit Methods

You can pay into your account using:

  • G2A, globally recognized credit or debit cards
  • Game Money
  • SkinPay, used for CSGO Skins
  • Ethereum Wallet,
  •, for CSGO and VGO Skins

When using Waxpeer, the minimum deposit is $10, while it is $1 for G2APay, SkinPay, and Ethereum. battles

Withdrawal Methods

When making withdrawals, you can use Waxpeer for your CSGO Skins or VGO skins. Ethereum is also used for withdrawals, where the monetary value of a selected skin in your inventory is sent to your Ethereum wallet.

Is DatDrop Legit?

Many DatDrop reviews from customers and experts alike have proven the site to be fair and trusted in all of its dealings. Aside from being in existence for three years now, Datdrop also has a provably fair system and runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection. This means that customers can go about their case-opening business without fear of being scammed or cheated.

Customer Support

Users can access DatDrop’s customer support via email. There is no live chat feature for this purpose. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions tab on the website that has answers to questions that players may have.


  • Presence of a wide selection of cases with prices spread in such a way that it is affordable
  • There are loads of bonuses and promos available
  • Good range of payment options that are fast withdrawal methods including cryptocurrency
  • Datdrop is available in ten different languages
  • The service is available in many countries
  • Case battles upgrades available
  • The site has a provably fair system
  • Many active players on the site


  • It has only two withdrawal methods
  • No live chat feature to interact with customer support
  • No free sign-up bonus


DatDrop is a dominant CSGO case-opening site that has a lot of active users on its platform. It is arguably the best of its kind in the world and remains a fun and innovative place to begin your case-opening journey. Despite a few shortcomings in regards to its lack of many withdrawal options and a free sign-up bonus, the advantages of gaming on this platform greatly outweigh its disadvantages. Hence, it is a strongly recommended site for your gaming needs. weapons


What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Limit On Datdrop?

The minimum withdrawal limit is $1.

Does Datdrop Charge A Withdrawal Fee?

No, DatDrop does not charge its users a fee for making withdrawals.

How Do I Access Customer Support?

The customer support is accessible via email. However, you can go through the frequently asked questions available on the site to see if there is a solution to the issue you have before sending the mail.

Is DatDrop Good For Case-Opening?

Yes, and you can make sure of it by visiting the website.

Is DatDrop Legal?

It is a legal service, with thousands of players from different countries visiting the site daily. The site is also safe and secure to play on.

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