Enthusiastic players still remember the extremely popular game in the 90s that is called the Minesweeper. Even though this game was extremely popular back then when computers were primitive, it is again popular today, especially among the CSGO community. It’s a pleasant surprise since you might encounter an optimized Minesweeper game. Today, it’s a CSGO Minesweeper game that you can find on some online card casino websites.

Instead of creating an approach where you simply wager a skin to a casino pot, Minesweeper gambling offers something more fascinating and exciting. When you use a Minesweeper while gambling on an online card casino, you play a game and win exciting rewards (skins). Minesweeper CSGO betting is just like playing the Minesweeper from the past. Here is what you need to do:

  • Deposit a CSGO skin on an online casino you like and prefer.
  • Start the Minesweeper.
  • Clear out the field by pressing on squares.
  • Try not to hit bombs while pressing squares.
  • Win amazing rewards.

Unlike simple wagering, while playing on online card casinos, you play CSGO Minesweeper. You need a great strategy so as not to hit the bombs and to clear all the squares with awesome rewards. The task is to clear as many squares as possible. Behind those Minesweeper squares, you will find CSGO betting skins. While using some CSGO Minesweeper sites or casinos, you play and have fun while gambling.

Rather than waiting in an online card casino when your bet will win, you play an awesome game. It requires creating your own unique strategy, and this is the fun part preferred by tons of card casino gamblers. Your success depends only on you; you might win astonishing rewards while betting a small part of the overall pot in the casino when gambling.

CSGO Minesweeper differs in difficulty, just like the original version. You might choose the higher difficulty to get the best rewards on the CSGO Minesweeper sites you are utilizing. Unlike casino games (card games like Blackjack, Poker, etc.) or casino slots, this CSGO type of gambling is much more exciting. Card games or especially slots depend a lot on luck. But when you are playing the Minesweeper, you get to use your brain.

Yes, card games require using a logic, brain, and memorizing different cards. But the new version is more fun and exciting, whereas it still offers the strategy part. You wager small quantities, but win a lot more, and the prizes are amazing.

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CSGO Minesweeper Sites List

The mentioned below best CSGO Minesweeper sites and card game and slot casinos are extremely easy to use. These casinos have nice options for all gamblers. There are casinos with a live dealer and card games, slots, betting, and you can play the amazing CSGO Minesweeper.

  • CSGOEmpire – cards, slots, CSGO skin betting.
  • FarmSkins – fun CSGO skin gambling and casino pokies.
  • Roobet – betting (not just skin gambling), and casinos like Poker or Blackjack.
  • WTFSkins – a platform for CSGO skin gambling enthusiasts, plus some exciting casino pokies.
  • CSGOFast.com – a casino card and slots, plus tons of CSGO wagering opportunities.

These CSGO Minesweeper websites offer nice opportunities apart from wagering skins online. You might also enjoy all the cool card games (Blackjack, Poker, live dealer card games, different versions of Poker, etc.) or slots.


How Does CSGO Minesweeper Work?

Just like the original version. When you are using a casino or another gambling source, deposit a preferred CSGO skin. The game will begin, choose to click on different blocks to clear them out from the field. Try not to hit the bombs. The more squares you clear, the better rewards you get. It’s easy and fun, just like playing awesome games!

How To Beat Minesweeper CSGO?

As it was mentioned, while gambling on an online casino or on one of the CSGO Minesweeper sites, you need to create a great strategy. It is just like an old Minesweeper game where you click on blocks and hope you didn’t hit the bomb. But this time, you play a game with a different design, and you gain a portion of the overall stack each time you open an empty slot.

When you open a block, it says how many bombs are near. So you have to guess and to use logic to figure out where the bomb is and to click on a different tile. Different Minesweeper CSGO sites and casinos offer various versions of the game. You can play games with greater difficulties and better rewards, or with lower difficulty that offer good rewards though smaller.

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