CSGO Gambling Review

There is not a single gamer in the world who has not heard about CSGO. The game can be loved, hated, or simply ignored, but it is unwise to deny its importance to the industry and the gaming community. The phenomenal success of CSGO has surpassed even the unprecedented popularity of its predecessor parts. Valve Corporation made several economic mistakes at the start, but hundreds of thousands of new gamers joined the CSGO gaming community after switching to a shareware distribution model.

Thanks to the specific monetization model from Valve, the game attracted the attention of popular bookmakers. All major betting sites now cover eSports CSGO tournaments. New online casinos are created daily, specializing exclusively in skin betting for the latest products from Valve.

Users can decide for themselves, which CSGO betting method suits them best. But sooner or later, almost every player decides to try himself in the field of betting. For those who are afraid to wager real money, dozens of services offer the opportunity to use in-game skins as a deposit method.

Among the many CSGO gambling services, there are sites that offer a wide range of various popular payment systems to choose from. Among such options as Mastercard or Paypal, there is often an alternative proposal to use cryptocurrency as a deposit. It is about the crypt that will be discussed in this article. To be more precise, about bitcoin.

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Bitcoin CSGO Betting

The offer to bet on CSGO with Bitcoin is really less common than any other. Nevertheless, there are many services on the Internet that are happy to provide users with this wonderful opportunity. If we are talking about CSGO bitcoin, then this method has significant advantages and, of course, a number of significant disadvantages.

Advantages Of CSGO Betting With Bitcoin

  • Many people actually prefer to use Bitcoin as their deposit method. For this, they, of course, have good reasons:
  • Personal control. One of the main and indisputable advantages of any cryptocurrency is that it has nothing to do with official banking systems and banks. Each owner of a cryptocurrency wallet completely and completely controls it personally.
  • Transaction processing speed. For a reason described in the previous paragraph, Bitcoin transactions are much faster than classic transfers. In fact, any operations with bitcoin happen almost instantly.
  • No commissions. Bitcoin transactions take place outside the banking systems of all existing countries. They are not subject to taxes and commissions. The player spends exactly as much currency as he wants to spend – and not a cent more.
  • Anonymity. When performing operations with bitcoin, the player remains completely anonymous. Tracking any such operation is extremely problematic, and both the sender and the addressee remain unknown.

Disadvantages Of CSGO Bitcoin Betting

  • Cryptocurrencies are not a panacea. They also have disadvantages, and each of them imposes certain risks on the owner of the cryptocurrency wallet:
  • Unclear course. Due to the specific nature of cryptocurrencies, their rate is constantly floating. Fluctuations can be really significant – bitcoin can both skyrocket in value several times in just a day and depreciate at the same rate. Recently, this problem is no longer so relevant. However, the use of bitcoin even for betting on CSGO still carries certain risks.
  • Scam sites. There is always a downside to any advantage. The fact that Bitcoin CSGO is outside all existing payment systems and is not subject to official commissions at the same time exposes you to an additional risk of becoming a victim of fraud. It is necessary to extremely carefully check the reputation of each of the bitcoin betting sites before transferring to the bitcoin CSGO service.
  • Limited support. Due to the reasons described above, many sites and bookmakers do not want to deal with bitcoin CSGO. It will take a lot of effort to find a trustworthy site that, at the same time, will support bitcoin betting on CSGO.

Bitcoin Betting Sites

As many of the readers have probably already realized, finding a reliable site with the ability to use bitcoin betting on CSGO can be quite simple. Fortunately, the pros have long been searching for the player. Below is a list of trustworthy sites, on any of which you can use bitcoin CSGO as a deposit.

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

  • supports betting with bitcoin CSGO on esports
  • a wide range of games offered: wagers can bet on Dota2, CSGO, League of Legends, and Rocket League
  • GG.bet also supports cryptocurrency betting on traditional sports
  • excellent selection of betting games supports betting on all major esports disciplines
  • many alternative deposit and withdrawal methods, record fast transaction processing
  • online technical support in live chat mode, ArcaneBet specialists are ready to accept and to solve user problems seven days a week at any time of the day
  • full coverage of all CSGO tournaments, half to the most local
  • instant update of all interface elements, support for online broadcasting, and user chat
  • supports many alternative currencies, including of course CSGO Bitcoin

How To Choose Bitcoin CSGO Betting Site

When choosing one of the bitcoin betting sites, be sure to pay attention to the proposed deposit methods and withdrawal methods. It is recommended that you read user ratings and independent professional reviews. It is highly recommended to give preference to sites with a good reputation and a long history of presence in the market.

It is also recommended to pay attention to technical support. It is better to give preference to online support 24/7 since the widespread CSGO betting bitcoin on many services does not fully meet the current market trends. The deep coverage of eSports CSGO tournaments, as well as the high speed of interface updates and transaction processing, will be a good sign.

The hallmark of a reliable and suitable site will invariably be an active and lively community. It won’t be superfluous to chat with users and get live feedback on the CSGO bitcoin betting service before starting. Last but not least, the platform’s starting bonuses for newbies may be. Somewhere it can be a doubling of the first deposit, somewhere a fixed bonus in the local currency. Other services offer a number of free bets or spins, which you shouldn’t refuse without good reason either.

Best CSGO Betting Sites

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