CSGO Gambling Review

CSGO esports tournaments are very popular. Many significant sports bookmakers include esports CSGO tournaments in their event grid. Such a high interest in esports and, in principle, and CSGO in particular, can attract more and more new website developers. There are dozens and hundreds of sites with a specific theme that offer the user the opportunity to engage in gambling on the market.

As you know, demand creates supply. Many CSGO players have acquired impressive in-game equipment over the years but are still not ready to bet real money on esports. Skin-betting was invented, especially for such players – a unique betting direction, which is based on an innovative in-game economy model authored by Valve.

The essence of skin betting is that a Steam user account is linked to a betting service account using an external trade link. Steam gaming inventory becomes available on the bookmaker’s website – instead of using payment systems and using real money as a deposit, users get the opportunity to use skins instead of money. Every CSGO skin has real value outside of the game and Steam. Some of them can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Services that specialize in skin betting accept skins as a bet. The cost of each skin transferred to the deposit is determined in accordance with its real value on the domestic market. Many large CSGO skin-betting websites have their own marketplaces that allow you to sell game skins for real money that can be withdrawn as winnings.

Sites specializing in skin betting can be roughly divided into several main areas. The most serious sites call themselves e-sports bookmakers and completely duplicate the functionality of real bookmakers. Such sites cover all popular esports events and tournaments, are distinguished by a too high speed of live updates, and the ability to make advanced express bets with multiplying odds.

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Another notable area of ​​skin betting is all kinds of online casinos. These sites offer users the option to use skins as a deposit for betting on game modes such as Roulette, Coinflip, Hi-Lo, Blackjack, Crash, and many more. Such online casinos are also quite popular due to the fact that they provide CSGO players with the opportunity to earn and withdraw real money at the risk of currency.

On these websites, you are most likely to find an advanced referral program and tempting start-up bonuses for newbies. It’s highly recommended to check all available info about the website before deciding to join the community.

The last, but far from the popular, skin betting direction is traditionally considered to be case opening. These sites copy the old world idea of ​​slot machines, but due to the modern design, interface, and weighty prizes looming before our eyes, they feel much more confident than their distant ancestors.

Legit CSGO Case Opening Sites

A striking and striking design distinguishes CSGO case opening sites. These services are infinitely far from the laconic restraint of their older brothers, esports bookmakers. Everything here literally criticizes the possibility of winning, and the interface is designed in a way to help the user stay. It is among the case opening sites that unreliable services and scammers are most often found. However, there are several reliable and verified sites for which your reputation is much greater than your ability to deceive users.

This article will help everyone figure out what exactly distinguishes legit CSGO case opening sites from all others and what points should be paid attention to when registering in the first place. Skin case opening sites CSGO offers the user a wide range of cases for every taste. Good sites have many different types of cases – promotional cases, holiday cases, cases that specialize in weapon skins of a certain class.

The user can preview the case’s contents in advance and see the drop rate of each item inside. In addition, many CSGO case opening sites offer several free cases as a starting bonus for beginners.


The upgrade is one of the standard modes on all good CSGO case opening sites. It allows the player to use unnecessary skin as a bet with a small chance of turning it into another, a much rarer and more valuable one. Naturally, this is far from a win-win lottery – there is a chance to get a less valuable item at the exit.


Contracts are an analog of the game mode from the online casino, stylized in the paradigm of case opening sites. As a rule, this is a battle or a duel of several players, each of whom makes a bet with one or more skins. The randomizer determines the winner, but the bet’s total value is taken into account when calculating the winning chance. The winner of the contract, of course, takes everything.

Custom Cases

Many good cases opening sites offer players a cool opportunity to create and customize a case for themselves. This significantly increases the likelihood of getting exactly the right skin in case of victory and not a random other. In addition, the ability to personalize the reward somewhat smoothes the bitterness of failure – at least a player can get a cheap skin for the weapon they wanted to get it for.

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The Best CSGO Opening Cases Sites


FlameCases.com is one of the best CSGO case open sites. Really nice and ergonomic design, high speed of live interface updates, support for all popular modes. If you are looking for a good site for opening cases, then FlameCases should definitely be one of your first and main candidates.


The main alternative to the previous service is definitely Hellcases. This CSGO opening cases website offers users an advanced affiliate program, 24/7 live tech support, live chat for communication, and everything featured on this game mode group’s sites. It is pleasant even to look at Hellcases – it is even more enjoyable to try it personally.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites

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