CSGO Game Review

CSGO has always been and remains one of the most popular and successful multiplayer action games. Despite the growing popularity of multiplayer session fighters every year and the constant emergence of new competitors in the market, CSGO still maintains a leading position in the gaming industry market. CSGO fans include many old school gamers who started out on the “Mansion” map in the legendary CS 1.6, as well as hundreds of thousands of new players.

New gamers are attracted by the simple and intuitive gameplay, the whirlwind drive of each individual encounter, and the adrenaline-filled feeling of competition. The CS series is somewhat of a phenomenon – the game has neither interesting lore, nor at least some plot, nor other elements that modern competing products are trying to impress. However, the CSGO gameplay is incredibly replayable – players are ready to spend hours, days, and months on several small maps, repeating the same actions over and over again with minor variations.

The growth in popularity of CSGO was largely due to the highly developed esports. Major CSGO events have long included all reputable online casinos and bookmakers in their tournament brackets. Spectators of the grand finals of world CSGO tournaments gather online almost more than the equivalent events of the Champions League or MMA. Every match in such tournaments is a world event, both for ordinary spectators and numerous fans of professional teams.

Valve offered the innovative trading model in its final form in CSGO adds to the popularity of CSGO in the gaming community. The point is that CSGO skins and in-game items have real value outside of the game inventory and Steam account. Hundreds of alternative services are happy to provide the opportunity to use skins as a deposit. Dozens of external trading platforms are ready to offer competitive prices for things with the ability to instantly withdraw a deposit to any of the existing payment systems.

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CSGO Gambling

The many competing betting services offer modern players dozens of alternative ways for CSGO gambling. The market can be conditionally divided into two main areas: skin-betting and real money bets.


Skin-betting is a type of betting that only became possible thanks to an innovative economic model for Valve. This type of bet is perfect for experienced CSGO players who have already spent many hours in the game but have never been interested in betting before. Each of these players probably already has an impressive in-game inventory.

Skin-betting services offer a unique opportunity to use game skins as a deposit. A beginner gambler links his Steam account to an account on the bookmaker’s website and chooses which skins to use as a deposit. Thus, without spending money and real risk, the player gets the opportunity to join the world of betting and significantly increase his fortune.

There are several main directions in skin-betting. The first and main direction is definitely online casinos. Using skins from CSGO as a deposit, a player can test their luck in modes such as roulette, duel, crash, Hi-Lo, and many others.

A distinctive feature of skin betting is the ability to withdraw winnings, not only on Steam. As an alternative withdrawing system, most services offer various existing payment systems. It can be almost anything from MasterCard and PayPal to popular cryptocurrencies.

Another type of skin betting is traditionally considered to be a case opening. The essence of the websites that specialize in case opening is that the player gets a chance to win more expensive skin. In fact, opening cases is a stylized analog of a classic slot machine, but hundreds of thousands of players who would never go to a real casino do not care much.

Real Money Bets

Bookmakers are the main alternative to skin betting. Many classic bookmakers have by now managed to retrain and include e-sports events in their tournament brackets, while others specialize in e-sports initially. Sites like GG.bet, Bitskins, and CSMoney are great examples of the right platforms for real money bets.

Most bookmakers offer the ability to place bets on the outcomes of esports events. Major bookmakers cover tournaments for games like CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, Hearthstone, and more. Many services additionally support the ability to view online broadcasts of ongoing tournaments with a connected live chat of active users.

Payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are often used to make a deposit. Many bookmakers also support the most popular cryptocurrency wallets. An important factor is the withdrawal methods available to the sites. You should pay attention to the speed of processing the request and the length of the withdrawal time. A few hours is considered to be sufficient time for processing a request, but many large funds transfer your winnings to the wheel in just five to ten minutes.

CSGO Betting PayPal

In the context of this article, among all existing betting sites, CSGO gambling sites that accept PayPal are of the most significant interest. PayPal is an extremely popular payment system. PayPal support is present on every major and self-respecting betting site. Thanks to the payment system’s financial policy, it is with PayPal that you can replenish your account and withdraw your winnings in record time with a minimum commission. A few simple tips will help everyone choose the best CSGO PayPal site for themselves.

Deposit Methods

Exploring the list of CSGO betting sites you can withdraw PayPal, you need to check some basic and necessary rules. First of all, make sure that the payment system you are interested in is in the list of available ones. It is equally important to finding PayPal among the proposed withdrawal methods. It is recommended that you carefully read the reviews and user reviews of each CSGO gambling website and trust your money only to trusted and serious organizations.

Technical Support

Fast and adequate technical support is a much more important factor than it might seem at first glance. What’s even more curious is that very few large bookmakers can boast full modern online support. Most resources still have the good old ticket systems waiting for you, as efficient as they are outdated.

The problem with the ticket system isn’t that it doesn’t work. The problem is that this system is hopeless and thoroughly outdated. In the modern world, especially in the field of CSGO betting, everything moves and happens much faster. The need to wait for a technical support specialist’s response for several hours seems like something wild, while everyone around has long been using progressive live chats with live operators.

In a situation where you have to wait several hours or days for a specialist’s reaction problem requiring prompt intervention, the nerves of even the most cold-blooded and judicious players may not stand. Checking the type of technical support on the site can hardly take more than two or three minutes. Do not neglect this opportunity unnecessarily.

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Website Legality

There are not many scammers left on the CSGO gambling PayPal market lately. Those that were could not stand the tough competition and disappeared without passing the test of time. As you know, in the end, the casino is always in the black, and in this business, it is perfectly possible to make serious money without breaking the law. Nevertheless, some enterprising businessmen with their fresh scam platforms still appear from time to time.

Trust only large and well-known portals with a reputation. Such sites for CSGO betting PayPal value their reputation more than they want to deceive you and steal your money. The more recommendations you have heard about a bookmaker from various reliable sources, the more likely this bookmaker is reliable. Below is a list of the best CSGO gambling websites currently in existence.

Best CSGO PayPal Gambling Sites

  • reliability 3\5
  • bonuses 5\5
  • gambling modes 4\5
  • reliability 5\5
  • bonuses 4\5
  • gambling modes 4\5
  • reliability 5\5
  • bonuses 3\5
  • gambling modes 4\5
  • reliability 5\5
  • bonuses 5\5
  • gambling modes 4\5
  • reliability 4\5
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Best CSGO Gambling Sites

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