We have created this review to act as a refreshed, updated overview of what CSGO upgrade sites are the best, what they do, and how you can upgrade CSGO skins yourself. Whether you are a seasoned vertern when it comes to Counter-Strike and their skin system, or you’re new to the scene, this guide will help you find everything you need to know.

What Is A CSGO Upgrade?

With skins being introduced to the game in 2013, they quickly became a hot commodity, and players were making their best efforts to have the most expensive skins in the game. The skins introduction came fully complete with ways for players to work towards getting higher valued skins, thanks to the incorporated “Trade-up” function that was in the game. In the traditional form in the game, players would need to put forward 10 skins in order to receive back one skin of higher rarity (higher value).

With the surge of CSGO betting and trading sites in recent years, they were all jumping at the chance to get the edge on one another. Along with this battle, we were greeted with some gimmicky options, but some very valuable ones, such as the recreation of the CSGO Upgrade.

global offensive counter strike

CSGO Trading Sites Upgrades

Whilst it is uncommon to find a website that is strictly a CSGO upgrade site, the upgrade option is a common feature across many on the popular betting sites. These sites took the initial concept and drastically improved upon it, meaning players swiftly moved from the internal version to the external options being offered.

Instead of having to deposit 10 skins and then cross your fingers for a high return, it was common for these upgrade sites to remove all limitations. This allowed players to truly work towards improving their skin collection and increased the chances of users obtaining some of the most valuable items out there.

How To Place A CSGO Upgrade Bet

As with essentially all other forms of betting and gambling, you first need to find a website that offers CSGO upgrades and then register to their services. We have included some recommendations for CSGO upgrade sites later in this piece. You will be required to deposit either money or skins before you get started. Thankfully, many sites let you login with a Steam account or make it easy to connect your account. This helps when it comes to depositing and withdrawing skins.

The betting process will vary slightly depending on the site that you are using, but this gives you a general idea of how the process works.

  1. Firstly make sure you have deposited either money or skins so that you can place a bet.
  2. After this, select the skins you want to put forward towards getting an upgrade.
  3. Then you need to select the skins you want to have the chance of winning. You will find multiplier options being offered sometimes, which allows you to tailor the odds slightly.
  4. After this, you just need to submit your upgrade and hope for the best.

CSGO Upgrade Site Differences

The upgrade gambling format is considerably different to the other games you will find on the CSGO casinos site and gambling platforms. It holds a very different outlay compared to Roulette, Coinflips, Crash systems, Poker, or Blackjack. We mentioned that the upgrade system was initially implemented internally in CSGO and was good, but the issue was it was limited to prevent the Steam market economy from crashing.

CSGO skins come with two key classifications, the Collection the skin is from and the rarity of the skin. There are also five different wear conditions, but this is less important when it comes to upgrade systems. With the in-game system, you deposit 10 skins and receive a skin back that is only one rarity tier higher and will be part of the same collection(s) as the skins that were deposited.

This makes it difficult for players to actually “win big” and receive high valued skin. However, it does make it quite risky and entertaining at times. The CSGO upgrade site offerings fix this issue. This is because there are no imposed restrictions on the deposited skins or the potential skins you can win.

Our Recommendations

These days there are plenty of options available when it comes to CSGO betting, ranging from the longstanding Hellcase to the growing contender CSGOEmpire, and some newcomers on the block. Below is a list of the sites that we feel are the best when it comes strictly to CSGO skin upgrades.

  • Hellcase
  • FarmSkins
  • UnboxSkins
  • DatDrop
  • CSGOFast
  • Gamdom
  • Daddyskins

When signing up to these sites, you will be able to use promotional codes to receive welcome bonuses that can include free coins, skins, and more. We wish you all the best in your skin upgrade path, and hopefully, you have found this guide helpful.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites

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