Over the past few years, the case opening aspect of CSGO has continued to surge in popularity. It was always an exciting feature on the game, initially only available in-game and through the Steam market.

However, the scene changed drastically when websites like Hellcase started offering case openings externally. All you need to do is connect your Steam and join the website, deposit money, and you can start opening a wide range of cases. These cases contain unique and sometimes extremely valuable items, but be aware, there are some low-value items you can receive.

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CSGO Case Opening Sites

It’s fair to say Hellcase is possibly the most popular CSGO Case opening site there is right now. However, there are several other websites that have been gaining popularity and offer a great experience. Below you can find our picks for the best Hellcase alternatives. Before we dive into the alternatives, let’s take a look at Hellcase itself.


It’s hard to argue against Hellcase being the best option out there. They have built up a strong reputation, have good customer service, and a complete plethora of case options to choose from. With over 8 million unique users and almost 160 million cases opened at the time of writing, it reinforces quite how popular the site is. They host giveaways to earn skins or even a limited edition case.


Being one of the casinos offering a wide range of CSGO casino games, they also featured a dedicated case opening section. In the early days, CSGOFast was known for offering free bets regularly; although this isn’t the case now, they still have some of the lowest deposit rates out there.

There is a community feel to their case opening experience, as it tracks the statistics and opening results of the day. Offering players the chance to feature as “Player Of The Day”, which displays the total cases open. There is also a “Loot Of The Day” section to showcase the best pulls.


Whilst they may not offer as many different casino games as others, when it comes to strictly case openings, Farmskins can be hard to beat. They run regular giveaways, which you can enter with points that you earn from opening cases on their platform. There is also a free daily bonus case that you can take advantage of. So you have plenty of incentive to play on Farmskins regularly.


Following their relaunch in February 2023, CSGORoll now features a refreshed website with crisp and fluid animations. With daily free cases on offer, giveaways often being run, and an extensive range of cases, this is definitely a good option to consider.


Whilst not the most popular in regards to the user base, CSGOLive still acts as a good alternative to Hellcase. During our reviews, they always seemed to maintain a few hundred active users, which is no small feat. One unique feature we noticed was that users have the option to bid on the cases. Instead of just paying to open, it was a live bidding market. Meaning you had the potential to get some amazing deals.


The one downside we found instantly with PVPro is that the website isn’t as aesthetically attractive and pleasing as its competitors, but if this isn’t a dealbreaker for you, then they are yet another great option. With instant delivery on skins and items you win, combined with the ability to get free coins, they make their case as an emerging and growing case opening site.

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Are The Hellcase Alternatives Any Good?

There is a simple answer for this, yes. The alternative sites like Hellcase provided all have their own unique features that make them worth spending time and money on. What we would actually recommend is finding a couple of case opening sites you like and sign up to them all. Be sure to find a promotional code to use when signing up to maximize your welcome bonus.

This allows you to take advantage of more welcome bonuses, regular promotions, giveaways, free coins, and credits across more than just one platform. All in all, this will help to increase your odds of winning big. Now you have your csgo case opening options; we wish you luck.

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