For quite some time, sports betting and gambling was the norm, but with the emergence of esports, it offered a new outlook to the industry. As the esports industry continued to gain traction, with more players, more viewers, and more financial opportunities, we also witnessed the gambling scene adopt esports titles into their bookmaker offerings. Our review should act as a guide to help you get started with CSGO betting on real money.

What Is CSGO?

Before diving into CSGO betting, here’s a quick overview of the game for those newcomers. It is the fourth and most recent iteration of the Counter-Strike series and is primarily played on PC. The game is a five-versus-five format featuring a bomb planting/defusal objective. Valve Corporation develops the game, regularly providing updates focusing on competitive integrity, stability, and visual overhauls.

CSGO may seem different to other FPS games you have played and watched because you don’t respawn; if you die, you have to wait until the next round to get back into the action. Each regular game has up to 30 rounds, with the competitive esports matches having overtime options if the game is tied at 15-15. There is also an economy teams rely on to purchase weapons and items at the start of each round.

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The Best CSGO Betting Sites

To bet real money on a game is commonly referred to as “Match Betting”, so you will typically see the phrase labeled above Counter-Strike games you can place wagers on. At this point, there are a plethora of websites available offering CSGO match betting, but below, we have identified the best bookmakers to get started with.

Our Recommendations

You will find a mix of dedicated esports betting sites and sites that originally focused on traditional sports betting but have adopted the esports scene. Recently we have also noticed those initially focused solely on esports have started to incorporate sports betting as well. This goes to show there is a true crossover between the two. Here are CSGO betting sites we found to be the best.

  • Betway
  • Unikrn
  • GGBet
  • Rivalry
  • ArcaneBet
  • BuffBet

Please be advised that these betting sites aren’t available for everyone worldwide. Depending on their licenses, some countries will be restricted from accessing and using the services. With this being said, at least one of the above should be available to use in your country.

What Makes A Good Bookmaker

There were several different aspects that played a role in our above selection. Each betting website will have their own pros and cons, but there are set standards you should aim to receive across the board before you bet real money. We have provided a few of these, so if you decide to look elsewhere for your CSGO real money betting, you know what you’re after.


We have already touched on restrictions and licensing above, but it’s always important to ensure the betting platform you wish to use is legal in your country of residence. Licensing helps to keep you safe and ensures you will be correctly protected. Having the licenses to operate in a country means the bookmaker has taken on the responsibility of acting accordingly. Betting with an unlicensed site means they won’t be required to return your money when you want to cash out.

Promotions & Bonuses

Everybody loves a good deal, especially when it might lead to you creating more winnings during your time betting. Players will typically receive an attractive welcome bonus when they register with a CSGO betting site. Welcome bonuses could be anything from free money to bet with on the site, free credits, or increased odds. A good welcome bonus is what you want, but you also want to ensure you will have the opportunity to access regular promotions on the site after this.

Deposit & Withdrawal Banking Methods

This is often the deal-breaker for some users. A betting website could have everything you want, but then you find out that your preferred banking method isn’t available when it comes to deposit and withdrawals. In most cases, there are secondary options you can use, but it’s nice to be able to use the method you feel most comfortable with.

Thankfully, we have noticed a trend of the bookmakers actively increasing their banking method options. In recent times this has become a massive aspect that could be the difference in keeping users or losing them. Before registering, double-check, you will have viable options for both deposits and withdrawals, as the rules and availability vary between both.

Attractive Odds

Be sure to look out for good odds. Obviously, when there is a clear favorite, you will struggle to receive the best odds, but that’s when a company having a strong market range becomes favorable. All the sites we provided have deep market ranges and attractive odds, so you have nothing to worry about there.

Customer Support

The final aspect is the customer support that is provided. It is becoming common for betting sites to offer at least one form of 24/7 support, whether that be through phone, email, or live chat. Being often overlooked during the decision-making process, you should want to know you’ll be in safe hands if anything does happen to go wrong.

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CSGO Real Money Betting

The match betting for CSGO has continued to rise in popularity, and there are often many ways for you to boost your odds. If you decide to bet real money on CSGO, we recommend spending time watching and playing the game. This will help you when it comes to making betting decisions as you will have a better grasp on the game.

There are a couple of different real money betting options available to you. As with traditional sports, you have the option to bet before the match, during, and you can also place outright bets.

Pre Match Betting

The key is in the name; this is when you place a bet before the match starts. If you have the time to watch events and league matches regularly, then this can be advantageous as you could make more knowledgeable predictions before the odds start to fluctuate heavily as the game begins.

Live Betting

Live betting is often deemed the most exciting form of betting, as you are betting as the action unfolds in front of you. Again, if you’re knowledgeable and aware of how the game works, you can sometimes get an edge over bookmakers with live betting. If you think the game might swing in someone’s favor or a specific event may happen, you can place the bet whilst the game takes place.

Outright Betting

Finally, we have outright betting, which is simply placing a wager on who will win the overall league of the tournament. This can be risky, but with the risk comes high reward as the odds can be much more favorable. We wouldn’t recommend this as your main form of betting, but placing a smaller wager on a favorite to come out on top is a wise move.

Best CSGO Betting Sites

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