Live betting is an option that is available with CSGO match betting. It offers users a way to enhance their viewing experience, as they can watch the action unfold whilst the monitor and place bets. For those that regularly watch events and league matches, they may be a key part of the experience, and they will typically become more knowledgeable, helping them find more success in their wagers.

Let’s take a quick look at what CSGO is before we dive into the best sites for CSGO live betting.

Getting To Know CSGO

CSGO is mainly a PC based FPS created by Valve Corporation that has taken both the casual and competitive player base by storm in the past few years, largely thanks to the introduction of skins and increased support and emphasis on the esports side of things. The competitive side of things consists of a five-versus-five format, with one team acting as “Terrorists” and the other acting as “Counter-Terrorists”.

The game revolves around a bomb planting and defusal objective, but teams can win rounds by simply eliminating the other team before the bomb objective even comes into play. Games consist of 30 rounds, with teams switching between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists at the midway point. In competitive games, if the score is tied 15-15, it will run into overtime.

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CSGO Live Betting

As we mentioned earlier, live betting is an aspect available with CSGO match betting. The act of live betting is simply placing a bet whilst the game is already in play. Whilst these bets have existed for years in traditional sports, they are newer to the esports scene, and particularly seem advantageous when it comes to CSGO due to the format the game has.

If you play and/or watch a considerable amount of CSGO, then live betting could be the way for you to make a respectable amount of money from bets. Watching how the early game unfolds and making bets based off that may lead to more success.

One thing to take into account is that the odds will likely be lower in comparison to before the game began. However, this isn’t necessarily a negative, as if you can correctly predict a few in-game scenarios during your live betting, it could work out more profitable than a pre-match bet.

Live Betting Site Recommendations For CSGO

As with all forms of betting, different providers will have pros and cons along the way. Before we provide you with our list of the best CSGO live match betting sites, we wanted to highlight the key features that came into consideration during our review and selection.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions

Being able to secure yourself a good welcome bonus will act as a way for you to receive free bets and free credits. Each site will have a unique bonus available when you register; pay close attention to this as receiving free betting credits can help increase your winnings early on. You will also want to receive regular promotions during your time on the platform.

Licensing & Safety

This is essential when it comes to safe betting and keeping yourself right. The last thing anyone wants is to win big and then have issues with the company refusing to payout. Full licensing details can be found in the bookmakers terms and conditions section on the website. You should also be promoted if you are trying to sign up to a betting site that is restricted in your country. All of the sites we feature later in the review hold official licenses and have taken safety precautions to help protect your banking details and private information.

Customer Support

CSGO betting sites with live support are thankfully not too hard to come across. It has become a stable with esports betting websites to have a respectable live contact system. You will tend to find email and phone support options also available if you prefer that approach. It’s crucial to check out the support on offer before registering, as you want to ensure you’re getting the help you deserve when and if needed.

Banking Methods On Offer

Depositing and withdrawing will likely become a regular part of your betting experience, so you want to make sure that you are using a system that you’re comfortable with. Whilst your primary option might not always be available, we find there will at least be a good secondary option available for users. This is also something we recommend checking before depositing to a platform, as withdrawal options are commonly less compared to deposits.

Our recommended CSGO live betting sites are as follows:

  • GGBet
  • ArcaneBet
  • Betway
  • Rivalry
  • Unikrn

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CSGO Live Gambling

If you decide that you want to place live bets on CSGO on a regular basis, then we highly recommend watching the stream that the game is featured on. With most CSGO match betting being for games taking place in tournaments, events, or league matches, it is often easy to find an official stream to tune it.

Some sites have also started to include embedded stream feeds for CSGO live betting. This is advantageous for both the company and the user, as it means the action can be followed on the same screen or application that you will be placing bets. GG.Bet and Arcanebet are two great examples of this.

Betting sites on live games isn’t limited to just CSGO. This feature is also available for a wide range of other esports titles as well as traditional sports. So if you ever want to sway from CSGO live gambling, then you won’t be lacking in options.

Alternative Sites

If you decide to look elsewhere for your CSGO betting needs, then we recommend checking out the rating that bookmakers receive in other reviews and on sites like Trustpilot. This can help to make sure that you will be placing bets on a reputable website and won’t face any unwanted issues down the line.

Best CSGO Betting Sites

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